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Unbeknownst to some, Prianti Farms is as busy in winter snow as it is in the summer sun. Holidays usher in a new supply of blooms, decor, & greenery, as the cold brings with it the need for warmth inside & out.

Hand-selected & personally picked, our cut Christmas trees come from Canada & beyond to Prianti where they are then placed among thousands of others for your choosing. This makes it all the easier to find the perfect one for you.

Balsam, Douglas, & Fraser Firs line our aisles, while the evergreens' familiar fragrance wafts through our fields. The only hard part in a yard full of stand outs is finding a tree that isn't as beautiful as the rest.

Wreaths, Roping, Grave Blankets, Bundled Branches, Greens & Floral Arrangements, Kissing Balls, Crosses, Mistletoe, & more...

Prianti holds an incredible assortment of creative pre-made evergreen planters & decor in all sizes from large to small, as well as supplies needed to be creative in making your very own.

Poinsettias, regarded as a holiday specialty, fill our office with color from their impressive shades of pinks, reds, & whites. Even rosebud & variegated varieties can be found here before the new year arrives.  

Outdoors, the frigid temperatures bring summer annuals & perennials to a rest, but ornamental cabbage & kale, icicles pansies, & even certain shrubs & trees still brighten our surroundings. 

As burning bushes & barberries start to see their firey shades fall off with increasing cold,
hollies, junipers, pyracantha, & others form their colorful berries, adding wonderful contrast to the lasting evergreen foliage.

Lights can brighten one's home & heart while getting passersby to stop & stare. We stock LED, Icicle, Candy Cane, Ceramic, Multi-Function, & even musical holiday lights! Now once you've picked your tree, it's an easy task to make it as peaceful or flashy as you like.

Alongside our lights, you'll find bows, yard art, lawn stakes, decorated mini trees, ornaments, door hangers, & a wide variety of additional holiday decor to fill any spot in need of a lil' extra holiday cheer.
Hardly forgotten on the list, we also sell seasoned firewood to the entirety of Long Island & New York City. With the tree picked, the wreaths hung, the decorations placed, & the lights lit, all that's left to do is start a fire to keep warm while taking in all there is to enjoy about the season.  As a cozy flame's glowing embers reflect on your surroundings, make sure you take the time to do the same. After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year...

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