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We also deal in Nicolock Pavers and Wallstone. Click the link below to browse products, as well as creative home ideas for your pools, patios, walkways, and more!

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​Our soil is sheltered under a state of the art roofing system, so it's kept dry for easy transport and spreading. Whether you're getting started on new beds or you're ready to revitalize your garden's existing grounds, Prianti Farms' soil blends are perfect for seeding & planting! 

Special Custom Mixes Available Upon Request.

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Topsoil & Compost

Topsoil, Potting Soil, Garden Soil, Organic Soil, Compost, Manure, Seeding Soil, Perlite, Vermiculite, Peat Moss, Pro-Mix, Fine Sand, Sweet Peet, & more...

We're also one of the few nurseries with Monrovia Soil Products
available for superior organic gardening.

Whatever the need may be, Prianti Farms' soil has your gardens covered!

To request a bulk material order, please fill out the information below. We will contact you as soon as possible to finalize delivery date, order details, & payment information.  For any questions, or to place your order now, please feel free to call (631)499-0772 any day of the week during business hours.

*If ordering stacked firewood, stacking location must be wheelbarrow accessible on level ground.*
Locations with vertical steps may incur an additional fee.
Please indicate any issues below prior to delivery so there are no delays when receiving your order.​​​

(*Palletized material must be picked out in person prior to delivery*)

We stock an abundance of bagged soils & soil conditioners as well!

Extra Fine Screened Organically Enriched Topsoil, 
Fine Screened Compost Enriched Topsoil, 
Super Enriched Compost,
Fine Screened Sand,
Clean Fill... 

Available year-round for on-site pick up or delivery to all of Nassau & Suffolk counties as well as New York City.

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