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*If ordering stacked firewood, stacking location must be wheelbarrow accessible on level ground.*
Locations with vertical steps may incur an additional fee.
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Our favorite time of year & perhaps the most colorful, summer brings all that we have to offer into view for your eyes to gaze at in wonder.  

Our yard is home to Summer annuals galore. Seeds, bulbs, flats, pots, hanging baskets, pouches, mixed flower tubs, custom planters... these are just some of the available ways in making our annuals part of your home too.  

There's certainly no shortage in our veggie varieties. From basics like tomatoes & peppers, to exotic herbs & heirlooms, you won't be disappointed in everything you find, and you'll find just about everything...

Fruit tree & vines, like the rest of our summer stock, are both plentiful & diverse at Prianti. Common apples, apricots, pears, & plums are always here, and the harder to find are usually around too! Figs, oranges, kiwis, pomegranites, lemons, grapefruits, tangelos... tropical & rare hybrids... just ask... you may be surprised at all that we have!

Tropical flowers & foliage always turn heads towards where they reside. At Prianti, this is no exception. Agapanthus, Bougainvillea, Canna lilies, Datura, Elephant ears... all the way to Zantedeschia, Prianti Farms makes the summer's heat breathtakingly bold & bright. 

Our perennial section is positively packed with plants in peak season. As one flower ends it reign in the garden another's colors inevitably succeed the throne. Stop by to see for yourself that our hardy & healthy choices all deserve the crown.