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Prianti Soil Mulch Special Sale Delivery

Red Mulch

Screened Woodchips

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To request a bulk material order, please fill out the information below. We will contact you as soon as possible to finalize delivery date, order details, & payment information.  For any questions, or to place your order now, please feel free to call (631)499-0772 any day of the week during business hours.
(*Palletized material must be picked out in person prior to delivery*)

​*If ordering stacked firewood, stacking location must be wheelbarrow accessible on level ground.*
Locations with vertical steps may incur an additional fee.
Please indicate any issues below prior to delivery so there are no delays when receiving your order.​​

Classic Estate Mulch

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100% Organic Mulch & Soil Conditioner!


Cedar Shredded Bark Mulch

Prianti Soil Mulch Special Sale Delivery


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Save money in & out of the peak season when you order in bulk!

Because actual sizes & colors may vary, 
we advise viewing samples on site before placing an order.

 We also carry weedblock, garden edging, and erosion control supplies like hay bales and silt fencing for completing your project as desired. 

For help with proper measurements, current pricing, or delivery scheduling please call us at 

Prianti Soil Mulch Special Sale Delivery

Jet Black Mulch


Classic Estate Brown, Red, Jet Black ,Natural Brown Cedar mulches are always kept at our yard for pick up, and with those selections screened wood chips are also available in bulk for delivery orders. Delivery is available to all of Nassau & Suffolk counties on Long Island and all boroughs of NYC.