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Prianti Firewood Sale Delivery Seasoned Plant Herbs Vegetables Flower Savings Special Sale Shrubs Trees Nursery Long Island

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In Fall, Prianti Farms is full yet again, but with a whole new selection of seasonally appropriate items. Pumpkins, pansies, mums, gourds, corn stalks, cool weather veggies, decorative straw or hay bales, decor, & more... 
we've got it all right here at Prianti!  

Tons of pumpkins & hoards of gourds! 
There's always plenty to pick from at Prianti during pumpkin season!

Big, beautiful mums at a bargain price. Our hardy mums arrive full with bountiful buds to last through this season before they reappear the following year. 
Cabbage and kale aplenty! Watch the centers brighten as these ornamental vegetables start to glow all winter while the warm weather wains.

The Autumn ushers in its own array of blooms unique to this seasonal stretch of time. Some trees & shrubs come to life late in the year with outstanding foliage, showy blooms, or bright berries to match the fall scenery perfectly, or if you wish, stand out in stark contrast as a fantastic focal point. 

Leaves changing shades is a favorite fall feature, but those trees & shrubs which hold their true colors also are prized this time of year. An extensive evergreen selection is another way we provide a passageway for beauty to follow us through this season into each one afterward. 

Of course we carry the fall blooming perennials one thinks of first, such as montauk daisies, mums, & asters. However, we don't stop there, as most places do. Anemones, chelones, sedums... our alternate autumn options always add to the area at home.

Ornamental grasses, like the Ivory Feathers Pampas Grass shown above, are impressive additions to any landscape. The plush plumes of their delicate blooms can be found everywhere at Prianti during the fall season.

Certain vegetables reach their prime in the Autumn, thriving as the air becomes cool. From broccoli & brussel sprouts, to interesting & edible ornamental peppers, to gourds & squash ready to be harvested for dining or decor... even veggies have a home at Prianti Farms in the fall.

In fall as in summer, Prianti Farms provides shoppers with a one-stop spot to pick up all their needs for the season, and maybe a few of their wants too. Always above & beyond just the obvious, our Autumn inventory rivals any competitor's easily. Once you know what you're looking for, by all means, let us help you find it!

To request a bulk material order, please fill out the information below. We will contact you as soon as possible to finalize delivery date, order details, & payment information.  For any questions, or to place your order now, please feel free to call (631)499-0772 any day of the week during business hours.
(*Palletized material must be picked out in person prior to delivery*)

​*If ordering stacked firewood, stacking location must be wheelbarrow accessible on level ground.*
Locations with vertical steps may incur an additional fee.
Please indicate any issues below prior to delivery so there are no delays when receiving your order.​​

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