Perhaps not as cute as the rest, but surely more helpful, we also sell beneficial bugs as natural organic pest control!

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Truly beneficial & quite misunderstood, 
bats can be a valuable resource while the sun sleeps. 
Bats are shy & gentle to us, yet are very active predators against harmful flying insects, eating up to 3,000 in a single night! Fruit eating bats also pollinate vegitation while dispersing seeds, thus helping with reforestation. 

With chemical insecticides & other threats looming the bat population is in decline, but providing them with shelter can benefit both the bats and your home, so bring home a bat house today & let them work for you tonight!

The nature of our business is nature itself, and this only becomes more apparent with our adorable animals. The fauna to our flora, these friendly (and often fuzzy) faces found on the farm

add fun for the whole family!

New to our Organic Pest Control products- 
Bat Houses!

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Drop by and say hello to all of our furry, feathered, and fascinating friends and make them friends of yours as well!

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Adorable Animals!