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Beneficial Bugs

With growing demand for organic supplies, these beneficial garden dwelling insects are the perfect way to reduce your use of chemicals & pesticides. From ladybugs that can take care of smaller pests, to praying mantis eggs that can hatch and eradicate larger pests, to even worms that enrich the quality of soil, all without harming people plants or pets. Not only that, but it's a fun & interesting way to do so for kids and adults together!

   Aphids, Whiteflies, Thrips, Scale, Spider Mites... all of these are food sources for ladybugs, which we sell live for use. Just set them free & let them go to work for you & your garden!

 Praying Mantis Eggs!
From everything the ladybugs take care of to larger pests & problems- watch your praying mantis grow, then watch your pests disappear!

It all starts with an egg placed in your garden. Then when the temperature rises and the sun warms up...


...the egg hatches & nearly 300 babies emerge hungry & ready to eat!


  All grown up, the praying mantis is nearly insatiable & able to start working on larger prey!

Prianti's beneficial bug buddies are here to help safely & organically! Bring some home for your garden this season!
Shipping is available!

New to our Organic Pest Control products-
Bat Houses!

Truly beneficial & quite misunderstood, 
bats can be a valuable resource while the sun sleeps.
Bats are shy & gentle to us, yet are very active predators against harmful flying insects, eating up to 3,000 in a single night! Fruit eating bats also pollinate vegitation while dispersing seeds, thus helping with reforestation. 
With chemical insecticides & other threats looming the bat population is in decline, but providing them with shelter can benefit both the bats and your home, so bring home a bat house today & let them work for you tonight!

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