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Seasoned Firewood


Available year-round for both on site Pick-up & Delivery!


As one of the largest suppliers of firewood on Long Island, Prianti Farms maintains a highly regarded reputation as one of few dealers to sell seasoned firewood in true legal measurements through the winter to homes across the island.

Our wood is split our location for one year until it's dry & ready to burn easily for those who purchase it. Unlike other dealers, we sell in accordance with precise measurement guidelines & adhere to accurate legal amounts of wood. It's by these methods that we've been able to continually build on our loyal customer base year after year.

Greenhouse wood below is now available only by pick-up or special request.
Please inquire when purchasing. *




Remember - Ordering early gets you the best wood at the best price when you need it most, so order today!
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We sell much of our wood on site at the farm where it is available daily for pick-up!
Most often wood is sold by the piece & loaded by our staff, allowing for customers to take any amount they can fit into their vehicle. Bagged & bundled wood is also sold at times when available.

 Firestarters Available Too!
  Bags of Kindling help get the fire burning fast, & come free when you order one of our firewood
delivery specials! 
(*While Supplies Last*)

Fatwood is an all-natural type of highly resonated pine also sold at Prianti. Takes only 2 small sticks to get your fire burning bright!

Firewood Rings & Racks

Handmade & sturdy, our lifetime steel firewood racks & rings are the perfect storage accessory. Sizes available can store amounts of wood from 25 pieces to as much as a half cord.

Call to order today!
(631) 499-0772

 ...And don't forget, smaller amounts of wood are always available for pick-up on site! Whether used for a solitary evening fire, for cooking in wood-burning stoves, or to hold you over until the next delivery, we're here to get you the wood you want with the quality you need & expect from Prianti Farms.

*Questions on Specials? Product Inquiries?
feel free to call - (631) 499-0772
OR e-mail